RE Agents complaining about Appraisers?

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RE Agents complaining about Appraisers?

We recently have been hearing stories of Agents complaining about appraisers? We all know appraisers can take a good verbal beating if the appraisal came under the loan amount being labeled as "deal killers." But now it is going beyond the verbal assualt and going to official compalints with the Appraiser Board. Has anyone else experienced this? Were ou ale to get the charges dismisssed? Or if you are a Real Estate Agent nd have made a complaint against the appraiser what was the circumstances and justification? We all want to do a better job at our jobs and not step on each others shoes as being part of the real estate transaction. Maybe if we all open up a little we can learn from each othere, do our jobs better and even better not filing complaints about ach other.

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